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  • Rent a car Kiev

    Why should you choose a company Naniko from all car rental companies? more »

  • Rent a car Kiev

    Car rental in Kiev at cheap rates - Naniko Ukraine   more »

  • Rent a car Kiev

    Car rental in Kiev at cheap rates - Naniko Ukraine   more »


Rent a car in Kiev, Ukraine from Naniko - Here come true all your wishes!

The leader car hire company Naniko - of the most comfortable and convenient cars at the lowest price in Ukraine. Believe us!
The company offers consumers a really high quality service at low prices. Our company suggests a rich fleet of cars, which is represented by different models and classes of vehicles.

Rent a car in Kiev from Naniko - with us you will forget that during a visit to a strange or a native city, with transport you can have some problems!

Appealing with our company, everyone will have a great opportunity to take a car rental for short or long-term lease.

Here you will be greeted with a smile and the staff will help you to take exactly the vehicle that will match precisely to your desires and needs.

From all the car rental companies in Kiev, select Naniko, because only here you can take a vehicle and during driving feel the same as in your own car.
Our staff will deliver you the car of your choice anywhere in the city at any time. Is it possible to return the car to any destination in the country? In our company, it is possible!

Car rental in Kiev, Odessa and all around the Ukraine, rent a car by Naniko in Ukraine and feel the level of high service with low prices.
On world market Naniko has busted the myth, that what the good services can’t be cheap. Naniko's concept considers that by giving a car hire with low tariffs we provide our clients with exclusive level of service. Easy booking online system gives you great opportunity to find a suitable car in shortest period of time, and make a reservation not only in Kiev or Ukraine’s big cities, where we also have offices, such as Odessa, but also in worlds many different countries, where are located auto hire stations.

Our huge experience in auto renting business is our success. For us, every individual consumer is precious, and therefore our professional team 24/7 cares for the satisfied clients in order to enlarge the amount of applicants. As is well known for you our website visitors, the strongest brand exists when the consumer is creating it and they feel satisfied. This is the way how Naniko reached the worldwide car rental cheapest and safest brand name.


Car hire company Naniko opend rent a car offices in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Yerevan
Now car rental is affordable for cheap prices in Georgia and Armenia.

Naniko worldwide rent a car
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best price 33$

Kia Picanto

  • Doors: 4
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Nav System: Subject to availability
  • Type: Sedan
  • Minimum age: 21
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sale 15%


  • Doors: 4
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Nav System: Subject to availability
  • Type: SUV
  • Minimum age: 21
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Advantages Car Rentals

many branches

International car rental companies Naniko  welcomes those wishing to rent a car in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine, having offices in following cities: Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Yerevan, Baku, Kiev and at the airports of this cities. Wait for us in other countries. Naniko wishes you a pleasant journey!

We work all over World

Leader Company of the car rental in Georgia – Naniko is already successfully operating in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine. It's service meets the criteria of the European standards. Our main goal is to provide quality car rental at low prices in all countries of Europe and Asia. Look for us in the near future in the following countries: Germany, Czech Republic, England, Switzerland, France, Kazakhstan, Belarus! We are waiting for your reservation!

reasonable prices

The company Naniko offers the consumer the quality and reliable car rental at the very low prices. Our car rental rates are available to anyone, who wants to rent a car. No hidden charges, you pay only the cost of the rental car. The price already includes: insurance, VAT and unlimited mileage. If you take a car for a long period, we have considerable special discounts for you!

how we work

  • Search cars online
    Search cars online
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    Book Online
  • We will contact you
    We will contact you
  • Taking the car
    Taking the car
  • To sign of the contract
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client reviews


Marina, Saratov Russia

Last summer, my husband and I traveled to Ukraine to visit my grandmother; she lives in a village in the Kiev region. Prior to leaving the village, we walked around the town and immediately realized that we missed much Ukraine, decided to take a car rental. We rented a car from a company Naniko their prices are low and the cars are comfortable and technically in the best condition. Unforgettable taste of grandmother Kiev cutlets, meeting with gracious grandmother, spectacular natural landscapes - everything was unforgettable in Ukraine. Thanks Naniko!

Tom Livio

Tom Livio, Oslo Norway

In August 2013 I had visited together with friends the country of Ukraine. We came from Norway. I've always wanted to visit this wonderful country, since my ancestors came from Ukraine. I wanted to have time to see as many interesting places, so we took directly from the airport to the rental SUV for 6 people from the company Naniko. Service this company has fascinated us; everything was at a high level. We want to thank the employees of the company and recommend to all persons, who want to rent a car - the company Naniko!

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