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When driving a car is often a need of additional accessories that make your travel more comfortable and convenient.

If you book a car from a company Naniko, you can get any accessory, we have everything that you want.

How to get an accessory for rental cars from our company?

During the implementation of the reservation, you must specify the desired accessory. When you fill out the online application you will note accessory or you can tell the operator of our company, that you need extra device.

Here you'll find:

• Seats for babies and Seats for children
• Holders Bicycle
• Roof basket
• MP3 player
• MP3 adapter
• GPS Navigator
• Snow chains

For all the options in our company, you are often able to find discounts and promotions.

Additional accessories are very important when traveling.

Child seats will create a safe ride for your children.

MP3 player - listen to your favorite music in our car.

Select in advance or at the moment of car pick-up the optional accessory and get the full enjoyment of driving from Naniko.