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In August 2013 I had visited together with friends the country of Ukraine. We came from Norway. I've always wanted to visit this wonderful country, since my ancestors came from Ukraine. I wanted to have time to see as many interesting places, so we took directly from the airport to the rental SUV for 6 people from the company Naniko. Service this company has fascinated us; everything was at a high level. We want to thank the employees of the company and recommend to all persons, who want to rent a car - the company Naniko!

Last summer, my husband and I traveled to Ukraine to visit my grandmother; she lives in a village in the Kiev region. Prior to leaving the village, we walked around the town and immediately realized that we missed much Ukraine, decided to take a car rental. We rented a car from a company Naniko their prices are low and the cars are comfortable and technically in the best condition. Unforgettable taste of grandmother Kiev cutlets, meeting with gracious grandmother, spectacular natural landscapes - everything was unforgettable in Ukraine. Thanks Naniko!