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Every year, UNESCO awards the title of world capital of one of the cities. The purpose of this is always the same: the use of cultural promotion programs. In 2012, Yerevan, capital of Armenia, was awarded the title for the entire year.

Yerevan is the capital and most populous city in Armenia, with more than a million inhabitants. Archaeological excavations at the sites allow you to indicate that the military fortress of Erebuni, condescending to the period of the kingdom of Urartu, was founded in 782 BC. At the site of this ancient fortress was built a modern city.

Since then, of times of kingdom Urartu, this area played a key role at the crossroads of caravan routes that linked Europe and India. City became known with name of Yerevan only from the seventh century BC, and is today one of the largest industrial, cultural and scientific centers of the Caucasus.

Fascinating Yerevan.

There are signs and advertising, written in the Armenian language, alphabet, which consists of 36 letters, developed by theology of Mashtots, to express a wide range of sounds of the language.

Yerevan captures its churches and monasteries, where you can feel part of the story going into the ancient buildings of the fifth century BC. But above all, Yerevan bewitches collectivity and hospitality of community, where there is no family that does not help each other.

If you have a desire to enjoy the flavor of the culture that is felt in Yerevan, not shelve the idea to implement it today, providing yourself by the perfect service of car renting from Naniko.

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