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What is leasing? And its relevance to Kiev, Ukraine

Leasing can be called any agreement, regardless of its legal form, by which the lessor conveys to the lessee in return for obtaining a single or lump sum or series of payments or fees, the right to use the subject matter of the contract within a certain period of time, regardless of whether the landlord is obliged to provide services in connection with the operation or maintenance of the subject of the contract (depending on how to negotiate side).

The car rental company NANIKO offers you such exclusive service in Ukraine.

The essence of this agreement is a credit to the purchase of fixed assets and not only them. Leasing is one of the most common tools for business development, as receive direct loans from banks can be often much more difficult in Kiev than to find a company that will buy the necessary property.

The essence of this form of rent that the tenant may be required to obtain his property for business development does not have to have the sum.

Leasing can be classified into financial and operational. In financial leasing (lease), the lessee transferred substantially all the risks and rewards incidental to ownership of the leased asset, while under operating leases, partly.

The car rental company NANIKO - this is the company that will help you in operating leasing in Ukraine (Kiev)

International company NANIKO, one of those companies, which in Ukraine is one of the leaders in the operational leasing cars.

The company has a large baggage of experience in this field and ensure better and faster service.

The essence of the operational vehicle leasing in Ukraine

Operational leasing a car in Ukraine is a contract under which the owner of the property conveys the right to use another person in return for payment of a periodic fee.

This is the normal rent, which does not include the opportunity to purchase the vehicle at the end of the contract term of the lease, if this is not specified in the lease agreement.

In the case of registration of the contract of operating lease payments occur in parts specified in the contract, it can be weekly or monthly, depending on how the parties agree.

Finally, the term of this contract is usually less than the useful life of the subject contract.

Every year more and more individuals of legal purchase cars in operational leasing, in connection with which they free themselves from the cares of the technical condition of the vehicle, based on an agreement of this type of leasing responsibility for the condition of the car takes the lessor. In this case, the parties can negotiate, for what, exactly, the lessor will look.