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Indispensable rent a car in Vilnius from Naniko

Unconventional and independent Vilnius is an ideal place for discoveries by car. Rid yourself of the discomfort of travel by public transport, or the incredible expenses of private vehicle or taxi. Company Naniko care of their customers with completely developed system of services and absolutely acceptable rates for rent a car in Vilnius
For any questions or help you can contact our operators available 24/7 by phone or email, the answer will not make you wait.

Three simple steps to ensure a car hire from Naniko in Vilnius:

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With a car renting in Vilnius between the dunes and history

Location of Vilnius in the south of country and more centered in relation to Europe, making it perfect for the beginning of your trip in a rented car.
History of Vilnius firmly tied to the victories of German, Russia and Poland, seen on every street of this amazing place. City is perfect for travel by car and allows you to navigate easily from the Hill of three Crosses, the largest in Eastern Europe, and driving to unusual statue dedicated to the legendary rock musician Frank Zappa. And you can finish the passage in one of the many pleasant restaurants so fond of by townspeople.

Winter season in Vilnius is characterized by a constant layer of snow and a few hours of light.
Plateau landscape of Lithuanian nature, making the trip by car even more enjoyable from Vilnius and to perfect  Curonian Spit (Kursiu Nerija), washed by the waters of the Baltic and the Curonian Lagoon, charms visitors with its dunes, covered by fragrant pine forests.
Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the sailing to fishing from a canoe to winter sports, ending skydiving or hot air ballooning.
To study the fascinating treasures of the landscape it is advisable to lease a car in Vilnius and explore the 5 national parks in Lithuania, populated by animals and plants of rare beauty.
Moving 130 km south-west of Vilnius, on the border with Belarus, you will reach the town of Druskininkai, famous for its hot mineral springs, a very popular holiday destination and treatment of the elite.
Palanga, with its wide beaches is the main resort in Lithuania, which is easily accessible with a car from Vilnius. It is a place for lovers of amber, which is replete with fine white sand.

Car rental from Vilnius Naniko let do it all in complete freedom!

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