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What to see in Lithuania

Lithuania is in the northern part of Europe and within the 14th century was the major state here. After returning to their independence in 90th, Lithuania has worked hard to restore its former reputation and becoming a country with the fastest raising economy.
The most suitable period to visit Lithuania during is the spring and summer seasons. There are plenty of wonderful places to see, scenic hills, the National Museum and the island castle of Trakai.

Arriving in Lithuania necessarily go to the Hill of Crosses, this nicely fits naturally into the local landscape and complements the natural flavor.

Castle of Trakai - the island is a popular tourist destination, and tourists admire to come here and glance at the astonishing architecture.
To Vilnius can be reached by road or by air, as well as by train.
Cycling is very popular in Lithuania, and walking is very common midst the people
Kaunas recognized as a center of historic battles and is located near the junction of two great rivers, is also a major trade route.
Vilnius surrounded by the impressive size wall, which was built in 1503. This wall was destroyed by Russia in 1795 and then rebuilt by Germany. So, one of the destinations of your itinerary should definitely be a city that contains remnants of the past.

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