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European Capital of Culture 2014 and is the only metropolis of the Baltic Sea, Riga, a city of great charm. Over the last twenty years it has fully regained its cosmopolitan tradition, which has always been noted for centuries.

The modern capital – Riga

Founded in 1201 by the German bishop Albert von Buksgevdenom as a Christian outpost against the barbarians, Riga soon assumed the role of a crossroads between Russia, Western Europe and Scandinavia, becoming the second capital of the Kingdom of Sweden.
Under the control of the German aristocracy at first, and later of Soviet Russia, Latvia, and in particular Riga characterized by a large ethnically diverse of population. Walking through the center of Riga, you can find beautiful girls with typical Slavic appearance near the Latvian girls’ of Germanic origin. But often you can see the girls with blond hair and blue eyes, but relatively dark skin or brunettes, but with eyes alluring colors of blue ice.
Complex history of Latvia, tourists can find out by visiting the war museum, located in the tower at the entrance to Riga, where collected and exhibited relics and materials illustrating the history of the various battles for the independence of Latvia.
In addition, in Riga and equally interesting museum of the history of Latvia, which allows you to learn about the history of Latvia from the beginning, thanks to archeological, ethnographic collections, and of course, the Maritime Museum, founded in 1773, which is' an impressive collection of memorabilia and artifacts in Riga History and Navigation in Latvia.
But it is obvious that the trip to Riga is not only history and culture, but also a place where various competitions are held on football, hockey, basketball, etc. Auditoriums of Riga take music concerts of international class.
If you are in search of fun entertainment, Riga is the undisputed center of the Latvian nightlife. From bars, nightclubs, fairs and other events, there are many opportunities for recreation.
Modern life makes Riga an ideal place for understanding of temperament and habits of multi-ethnic population of Latvia. Latvian people are friendly and welcoming.

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