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The best deals: Car Rental from Naniko at the Airport of Riga in Latvia

For the last period in Riga significantly enlarged the flux of visitors. And on this occasion, Riga International Airport was purposefully expanded.

Company Naniko offers you to rent a car in Riga airport at very interesting prices.

Car Rental at the Airport of Riga in Latvia - Our goal is to meet all your queries regarding the vehicle, as well as system of services. Booking on our website is very simple.

  • To on arrival you will immediately receive your chosen car with enough exercise just a few steps:
  • Choose you liked cars
  • Check its availability for your desired dates you
  • Confirm your choice
  • Send us an e-mail copy of your passport and driver's license

If you have any question or need some further information, do not hesitate to contact our online operators.

Riga Airport

Places on the Maruoe province Airport, is about 10 kilometers away from city, is the most sizable between existed in Baltic States and in service of the capital. The airport was constructed in 1973.

For the event of the 800th anniversary of fondation of the city, to the end of 2001, there were carried out a number of projects to expand and improve it.
The airport has an only one passenger terminal. In 2006, it was lengthened and it is planned to completely rebuild in a new style and add new parking lot. There are also planned to add a new tower of control and the second track.

Amenities include banks, exchange, tax free shops, restaurants and bars, luggage storage, postal services, a pharmacy and a variety of shops.

If what you want from the car hire is affordable price and excellent service, this is a Naniko at the airport of Riga!

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