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With Car Rental Naniko through the monuments of Rome

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Car rental in Rome is necessary  - Rome huge conglomerate with many attractions, plus the Vatican, and certainly saying move at such distances by car more convenient and efficient on the chance of time saving than by public transport!

Reserving a car hire from Naniko in Rome can be done in a few simple steps:

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Rome is actually the most visited tourist destination over the world; in 2012 there were about eight million visitors.
The Italian capital not considered as only a tourist center, but also the main political and economic center of Italy, the location of all the foreign embassies and international companies.

Guide to Rome
Rome as a city of art, full of history, monuments, squares and places of permanent collections of art, within its vast and rich heritage, offers monuments and masterpieces of art.
Here are just a few of these places:

  • The Coliseum

It has always been a pillar, which collectively represented Rome imagination. Emperors of Flavia family built this grand amphitheater intended for gladiatorial shows, which in later pass into the symbol of the Eternal City. The building, called the Colosseum from the middle Ages, perhaps in honor of a colossal statue of Nero, overlooking the square.

  • St. Peter's Basilica

It’s often referred as the largest church in the most sacred place of Catholicism.
Before was raised here another church of the fourth century, built by the Emperor Constantine in the place traditionally believed that St. Peter being the first Pope of Christianity was crucified and buried.

  • Square of Spain

From the fifteenth century, it has played an important role in the commercial life of the city because of the many hotels and houses inhabited by representatives of the Spanish and French governments.
Creator of stairs mountain trinity, defined as a grand show of architecture, was Francesco De Santis. The glory idea of the architect was to create a ladder, which was a gathering place for all citizens.
In fact, even today, the staircase is a meeting place, and to be called - Living room of Rome.

  • Mouth of Truth

At the bottom of the square is the Church of St. Mary, built in the eleventh century. Inside its portico is the famous "Mouth of Truth", which represents the cover as a mask, tied to a legend, in accordance of which the one, who lied, put his hand into a big mouth, as a test, will be cruelly deprived hands by executioner, hidden behind a rock.

Visiting fantastic places of Rome certainly will not betray oblivion with the convenience of rent a car Naniko!

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