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Car Rental Naniko - for you in Bologna

Deciding to go on an exciting journey with your family or alone, packed your bags and prepare all necessary, be sure to provide yourself by an important element of an enjoyable stay - convenient means of travel. Do it now, before setting off! How? Of course, with the help of easy and fast reservation system on

Car rental in Bologna - Here everyone can find cars to suit their taste and budget:

  • Small and cheap, medium sedans and large size SUVs or minivans.
  • With manual or automatic transmission,
  • Special cars and vans with a capacity of 8 to 9 passengers.


Car hire in Bologna from Naniko also provides services for the delivery and return vehicle.

  • We have also available snow chain, child seats and satellite navigation systems.
  • In the winter season at your request we will install the winter tires


Despite prolonged bombing during the Second World War, Bologna managed to survive as a medieval city better than many other cities. The city is mentioned as the Red Bologna because of political priorities and the prevalence of red brick in the architecture of buildings.
This is a location of the most ancient University of the Western world it is a city with an intense cultural life and heritage of huge interest.

Three interesting things to look out for:

  • Walk through the Piazza Maggiore
  • Going to the towers Asinelli and Garisenda
  • Admire the beauty of the Neptune Fountain

The population of Bologna is about 380,000 people and it is the seventh largest Italian city. Due to a significant number of students city quite dynamic and more than 90% of the population are Italians.

The most important point of the Italian rail system is the station of Bologna, thanks to its strategic location.
There is also a well-established bus network associated with most of the Italian cities, and even Europe. Since by its scale is small town in the center the problem of congestion is always present and, therefore, air pollution. On Saturday afternoon and Sunday the city center is closed to cars.

Good luck in the ancient university city of Bologna with rent a cars Naniko!

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