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Rent a car - at Bologna airport - from Naniko

Have fun on your trip driving one of our vehicles!
If you do not wish that the charms of the city that you want to see eluded you for the reason that you are not in time get there using public transport, do not doubt for a minute in the relevance and effectiveness of cars for hire.
Rent a car - Naniko provides an excellent opportunity to pick up an auto at the airport of Bologna. Whether you are the one, in couple, with family or friends, we are able to offer a vehicle right for you and your goals.
For your pleasant stay Naniko auto rental will give the best of its opportunities at the airport of Bologna.
Our friendly team is ready to work within 24 hours to meet your request, provide any information or to provide technical assistance.

A small summary of the Bologna airport

Officially, the airport is named after the Italian inventor of radio Guillermo Marconi, born in Bologna. There are two terminals A and B and the distance between them is so small that you can stroll from one to another.
In both terminals, available a sufficient number of restaurants bars and shops. Moreover, in the hall for the passengers can rent a room for business meetings. There are also post offices and bank ambulance station.
The airport is six kilometers outside of the city, and easily reached by car or bus.
You can likewise get to the airport on the highway:

  • A1, if you come from Milan, exit Borgo Panigale.
  • A13, driving from the Padova exit Arcoveggio.
  • A14, if you are traveling from Ancona, exit at San Lazaro.

From Bologna airport with vehicle rental are available to you other beautiful places in Italy.

From Parma, you can go to Mantua, a city of Lombardy, born on the banks of the Po River, where you will see the magnificent palace of the Count. Moving east, you reach the beautiful city of Ferrara, and, finally, Comacchi. Is a town placed at the mouth of the Po River, the natural landscape is characterized by bog, with a very impressive scenery. Finishing touch of your tour can be the resorts on the Adriatic coast.
By car from Naniko in Bologna airport achievable more for you!

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