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Bari - on the Adriatic coast

Monumental quay era of fascism, jokingly equated Malecon Havana in Cuba, but is located in Bari, Puglia populous center.
Borders about 40 kilometers with the Adriatic Sea, the formation of the city can be compared with an eagle with spread wings. Important religious and commercial center, was nominated as the gateway of the East, is an ancient countryside and urban with a special historical value.
In Bari is fairly mild climate that attracts tourists to the numerous beaches.
City with the ancient foundations of what is known as the Greek Baryon, Romanesque municipality that in the next era was conquered by the Byzantines, and from the beginning of the Middle Ages transformed into the heart of orthodox Catholicism in Italy, the destination of pilgrims, because of the three monotheistic religions.
In the ancient center you can visit the Basilica of San Nicola, which was built in 1200 to house relics of St. Nicholas, which had been stolen by loyal sailors from the city of Myra (now Turkey) and brought to Bari in 1087.
What to see
During the theater season you can enjoy the lyrical and opera repertoire in the major theaters of the city, including the Theater Petruzzelli, that to this day remains the heart of the city's culture and one of the largest theaters in Italy Pichini.
In the evening, after a walk along the promenade and enjoying the mild climate, the people of Bari and tourists conveniently arranged in many restaurants in the city center, to taste traditional dishes of raw fish and orecchiette. There are also plenty of places to offer the local aperitif, accompanied by Frisell with tomato, sitting comfortably in the bars, covered by Wi-Fi.
Take a ride on the shores of the Adriatic Sea with the car hire from Naniko in Bari!

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