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Rent a car at the airport of Turin Airitaliia from Naniko

Naniko offers car rental for a short period or long-term leasing to private individuals and corporate clients. Our service can be ordered with or without driver, depending on your preference and needs. Programs for leisure or business trip, to move around in the city or the airport can be easily ordered through our online reservations system at
Rent a car at the airport of Turin at the most advantageous price in the airport of Turin from the company Naniko the best choice for your holiday.

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Turin Airport -Airitaliia or Edoardo Agnelli, located in the commune of Collegno.

It is an international airport that is used for tourism.
There are two runways and one helipad and lit accordingly capable of operating at night. At present mainly used for helicopter ambulance.
The airport was founded in 1916 be engineer Ottorino Pomillio. After the airport Mirafiori, which functioned until the beginning of World War II, Airitaliia became the main hub of Turin for two decades, and played a significant role in aeronautics history of the city.
In 1944 Airitaliia suffered air raids were dropped more than 250 bombs during the multiple bombings aimed at the airport and the adjacent aircraft factory Fiat AIRITALIA. At the end of the war the airport was completely restored and the band 30 newly resumed commercial flights until 1953, when civil aviation has moved to Caselle Airport.
The airport building was renovated in 1958 by architect Carlo Molino.

In the period from 9 to 14 June 2009 was the seat of the World Air Games.
Interesting fact

At the turn of the sixties and seventies, on runway 30, the airport, were tested racing cars Abarth. Part of this route still exists today, but is no longer usable for aircraft.

Lucky holiday begins with rental cars at the airport of Turin Airitaliia from Naniko.   

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