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Car rental from Naniko at the airport of Torino Caselle

Simple, clear, the value of your queries and bottomless world of optimal solutions are just for you, traveling for work or leisure. All this is a company of rent a car Naniko, relentlessly at your service!
Car rental at the airport of Torino - Contrast and unity of the highest quality and lowest prices –is the formula of success of our company.
The flexibility of online reservation system you will check out on the web-site, proposing the auto hires at the airport of Turin.
Main advantages:

  • Only cars of high quality and the best technical data.
  • The choice of control system is up to you: automatic, manual or automatic
  • Final Price already includes VAT, insurance
  • Full package of auto insurance CASCO
  • Unlimited Mileage

About the airport of Turin in a few words

Caselle airport is located 15 kilometers from the city. The official name - Sandro Pertini Airport, but, despite this, the Italians mention it as Caselle because of its location in the same named province. Consists of a single terminal and serves 3.5 million passengers a year.
The terminal has shops and restaurants and a business center with a variety of services, the set of the waiting room. Banks, currency exchange offices, ATM and ambulance are also included in the scope of services the terminal.
Not far from the airport it is feasible to stay overnight at the hotel.
Very convenient rail connection to Turin and trains depart every 30 minutes. Since the well-developed road network in the region and an annular two-lane road, the city is also easily achievable by auto or bus.
So a trip to Turin in a rented vehicle from Naniko is convenient and easy. However, if you're heading out of town and chose the trip to various places, especially driving a car will be easier to reach any point. Val d'Aosta, for example, is just 50 kilometers from the airport, area Monviso not more than 70 km, as well as to explore the beauty of Piedmont: Palace of Venaria, the Basilica of Superga, Lanzo valleys.
A Naniko rental car is waiting for you at the airport of Turin, to offer the best services!

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