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Low cost car rental from Naniko at the airport of Rome, Ciampino

So as not to depend on the transfer from the airport or busy schedule of public transport, quickly and safely get to the hotel or any desired location, provide yourself by guarantied in advance vehicle hire. You object that this is another headache to choose the company that at least half will meet your needs. Our answer - Do not satisfy with half-hearted options!
Car rental at the airport of Rome, Ciampino - Here is a company that is 100% listen to every detail of your request, and 24 hours a day will be at your service throughout your stay. –

Auto renting, at the airport of Rome Ciampino.

Giovanni Battista Pastine Airport is located just 15 kilometers from Rome, towards the southeast. It is mainly used for low cost airlines, express courier and general aviation activities.
Over the last ten years in Europe the trend of rapid development and growth of air travel low cost. In Italy, Ciampino actually turned one of the airports that are better than others intercepted the new typology of air traffic, thus contributing to the growth of tourist flows in Rome, Lazio.
In 2013, the airport received more than four million passengers to 60 destinations.

Basic information Ciampino:

  • The territory of the passenger terminals zanimaet14.500m²
  • 31 registration tables
  • 18 gates
  • 1 runway
  • 82 aircraft stands
  • 1,700 total parking spaces
  • The closest airport to the city center
  • Functional flexibility and performance


Visit Rome
Ciampino is just a few kilometers from the Eternal City.
Capital offers many leisure options, from visiting the precious works of art, famous throughout the world, and to a wide range of cultural activities: painting, sculpture, photography, events, meetings, and art and sports offerings

Enjoy Rome at its best on rent a car from Naniko starting from Rome Ciampino Airport.

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