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Rent a car at low cost - Company Naniko - At the airport of Genoa

For all those who are landing at the airport of Genoa and need a way to move to make the planned trip, the fundamental starting point is the car rental Naniko.
To find a suitable vehicle at the airport that will take you to Genoa is also sufficient to organize everything in advance by visiting our website

Rent a car at the airport of Genoa -  special requests, such as child seats, with an indication of the age and weight of the child. If you want to, for example, a navigation system, a luggage cart or anything else, you can enter them directly in the booking or alternatively contact our center.

With Naniko auto hire you are free to plan your route in Genoa.

Low cost is especially beneficial if we take into account that the Genoa Airport - Sestri less than several kilometers from the center of the capital, and that the prices of taxi services are quite expensive.

Airport of Genoa, Christopher Columbus

Officially opened in 1962 and is built on an artificial peninsula overlooking the sea. Implementation of the project of construction of Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport lasted for eight years. Was originally equipped with a runway length 2,285 m, and then increased to 3065 meters.

  • Airport, which is named in honor of the great Genoese explorer directly in Sestri Ponente in the distance 9 km west of the center of Genoa.

The largest airport in the region annually serves about 1.4 million passengers. It is connected to major airports in Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean. During the winter season, when other ports in northern Italy are often in the area of ​​fog or snow and therefore closed, Genoa Airport is commonly used as a support.

  • Service

There are three parking lots, which can be useful for passengers Columbus Airport.
There is also a central parking.

  • For passengers interested in buying, there is a duty-free trade sector in departure hall, where you can buy what you need to show your boarding pass.

There are also prestigious clothing store Giglio Bagnara and naval clothing, books and newspapers kiosk and bank.

  • Near to the airport is also hotels and the most convenient, of course, Sheraton, just 50 meters from the terminal in Genoa.

From the airport Ststri, all while traveling in Genoa, along with renting a car at the lowest price from Naniko

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