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Car hire - at airport of Florence – by Naniko

Trust to the proposals of Naniko rental whether in Peretola Airport or the city center and no doubt will get the benefit of optimal prices and excellent service.

Long-standing practice of cooperation with leading auto manufacturers and feedback from our customers has taught us maximum clarity and assurance of our services, as well as the attention to detail in customer feedback.
We offer an opportunity to change or cancel an order for 48 hours without any penalty.

All terms and conditions of booking car renting at the airport in Florence, you can find details on the website

Florence Peretola Airport is named after the famous explorer Amerigo Vespucci, is located about five kilometers from the city and associated by the motorway A 11.

The modern structure of the Florence airport condescends to the 90s and then updated in 2006. At present, the airport is able to cope with the traffic around three million passengers a year.

There are about twenty airlines which provide links to all the major destinations of Europe.
Peretola Airport is equipped with all the necessary services for a pleasant stay of passengers and their needs.
There you can find many shops, bars and restaurants, newspaper and tobacco kiosks, currency exchange, and of course car rental Naniko

  • What you need to know to drive a car at the airport in Florence


Drive auto in another country is always a new experience and a fun practice, even if not always perfect. Similarly in Italy. In the big cities on the road is always a big load and motorways are quite expensive.

  • Limited availability of alcohol in the blood of 0.05%
  • The speed limit in 50 km / h on highways 70, on suburban highways - 110, and 130 on the autobahn.


From the airport of Florence is very easy to reach the city by car in around 15 minutes.

Thanks to its excellent location and connection by the motorways A11 and A1, the airport Peretola ideal starting point to the direction of travel of many Italian cities, like Pisa, Bologna, Lucca, and others.

With car hire Naniko at the airport of Florence, you can begin your journey freely in any direction. 

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