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A good choice of Car Rental Naniko at the airport Fiumicino, Rome

Among the most popular places of auto rental, of course, is the airport, as it is not without reason is considered to be one of the fastest and cost-effective means of transportation.
Car Rental at the airport Fiumicino - Rome Sense of confidence and peace of mind, the knowledge that on arrival you will be expected be booked in advance car is already beginning of pleasant journey!

Organize everything in advance through the online service of car hire at Fiumicino Airport:

  • Booking your desired vehicle, you will receive a confirmation to your email
  • In the case of a flight delay, you are guaranteed that your car will wait for you
  • When you receive the vehicle you provide your passport and driver's license or a copy mailed in advance to the company’s mail.
  • Payment is due upon your choice of transfer payments, cash or card.

Due to its central geographical position of the city of Rome in relation to the Italian territory, the Roman system of airports, serves a very large area.


Leonardo da Vinci airport is located 32 km from the town. Served by an excellent network of roads and railways, make it accessible from the city center in just 25 minutes. The airport is mostly used by the airlines that offer flights on domestic, international and intercontinental destinations.

Fiumicino development in recent years was due, in particular, the part of the international flights, which promises to be used the airport in 2013, be more than 36 million passengers. In 2013 there were more than 100 airlines, decided to fly to this airport, in more than 200 areas of the planet.
Rome Fiumicino Airport, in addition to an extensive network of domestic and international destinations, is able to guarantee supply of highly active to further long-haul flights.

Leonardo da Vinci offers services and infrastructure in line with international standards:

  • Three interrelated passenger terminal with total area of ​​334,800 m²
  • 1 remote terminal, T5, dedicated flights to North America and Israel.
  • 355 check-in counters
  • 83 gates
  • 36 gates with loading bridges
  • 4 tracks
  • 125 aircraft sites
  • Approximately 19,000 parking spaces

A rent a car company Naniko waiting for your flight landing at the airport of Rome Fiumicino!

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