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You decided to travel to Holland and, of course, as with any trip, there is a little tension before departure, thoughts on how does not miss any nuance that will spoil your vacation. And the means of a comfortable and autonomous movement in the country is not the last in the list of these nuances.
Car rental in Holland - If you are the first time in Holland hasten to inform you that if you forgot from childhood pedaling, then immediately take a few lessons on driving the bike. Given the popularity of cycling movement in the country, you will be quite easy to move around the city. But for trips to nearby cities and long-distance recommended to hire an auto.

Have decided to rent a car in an entertaining trip to the Holland, it is easier and faster way to do online at

And especially for your trip to Holland, along with many additional accessories are indispensable bicycle holders.
Netherlands - the country of windmills, tulips and bicycles.
The first thing that spring to mind at the reference of the Netherlands - a tulip, then a girl in a starched cap and painted clogs, cheese and even skaters! Well, how about coffee shops and the lady at the showcases? And then another, windmills, and of course, bikes!
Let's start right away with the bare facts. In the Netherlands, 16 million people and 18 million bicycles. Roads a total of 2,200 km, and bike lanes - 40,000 km. Until 2020, the city of Amsterdam is planning to invest 120 million euros in improving cycle routes and parking.
Even in Amsterdam is a bicycle pub, with shuttle counter, where you can drink beer, pedaling around the city.
In some 40 km from the entrance of the natural park Veluve, see the famous Keukenhof Tulip Park, and along the way there are the very famous Dutch windmills.
In addition to the well-known coffee and girls in the window, there are things that seem to be most interested in the big cities: historic buildings, bicycles and cleanliness. And this last is felt throughout the country and in the capital. On the ground, not even a small piece of paper of dust can be found, that speaks not only of a well-organized system of cleaning, but especially good manners of residents.
Well, the building is simply amazing; most of the houses are skewed, some tilted forward, some back or sides. The reason is that the whole country is on the sand and water.
Summing up what we saw, we can say that Holland is green, neat, clean and very civilized country, and the Dutch are humane, friendly and helpful, with an amazing passion for bikes in all weathers.

Among the dunes, lakes and forests of the Netherlands - on car renting at low prices from Naniko!         

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