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On car rental from Naniko on the roads of Amsterdam

Planning a trip to Amsterdam? Time to go in search of tickets and hotel room on that meets your needs. But ... you do not forget something?

Car rental in Amsterdam - A visit to Amsterdam, without the possibility to ride outside the city walls, this is about the same as sleep half the trip. Therefore, it is time to think about renting a car.

Make it easy for your target recommended to arrange a rental car of your choice in Amsterdam with a simple and convenient online reservation system on

Knowledge comes through experience, so once you become our client, you will know exactly which company to contact in your next trip, wherever it may be around the world.

See the famous and rich characters of Madame Tussauds, learn the secrets of the diamond cutting at Coster and Gassan Diamonds, taste the real flavor of Heineken beer and a bike ride along the canals, as do the Dutchs. Here's the obligatory list that outlines almost every tourist who arrived in Amsterdam.
But a trip to Amsterdam would not be complete without a ride through canals by boat. And while it may seem something ordinary, but in fact it is a fantastic experience that lets you know a lot about the history of the city.

  • Anne Frank House - the museum, which is the famous story of the Jewish girl during World War II. Learn how Anna and her family and the other people lived in hiding during the German occupation - is a moving experience, which has touched the hearts of millions of people from around the world.


  • Flowers from the floating market.

Floating flower market was opened in 1862, has since become the most famous flower market in the Netherlands. What a rarity is your favorite flower, no matter, be sure to find it here.

  • Museum of Sex - "Sex - the most natural thing in the world.

Located near the Central Station in Amsterdam, Sex Museum attracts more than 500,000 visitors a year. Some of them are really interested in objects, such as erotic illustrations on Delft blue ceramic tile. Others just want to have fun. Regardless of the motivation, satisfaction guaranteed.

The first sex museum in the world - the Temple of Venus in Amsterdam. In this museum you can find everything that is possible (or impossible) to imagine about sex. The collection of statues, paintings, photographs, videos, and all kinds of objects.
The museum shows how gender plays an important role in the history and art. In short, sex intrigues everyone.

Intriguing and charming Amsterdam is ready to hit you by the many things; let’s explore it on a car hire from Naniko!

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