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Car rental in Germany – Low price and high quality of service at Naniko

Rent a car in Germany for a long time as the service has become popular. We offer you and your company Naniko a number of advantages:
• Car rental in Germany with or without driver
• Short and long term rentals
• Delivery of the vehicle to any place of the country
• Wide range of cars, different models and classes

The features that you should consider when renting a car in Germany:

• Children under 12 years must be seated in a child seat
• Driving experience of the driver must be at least 2 years
• When taking a car, you must pay attention to whether a full tank of fuel. Since cars are rented with a full tank and you should also return it with a full tank
• The lessee must have an international driving license
• Movement of right-hand drive
A few words about Germany:
Germany - the official name - the Federal Republic of Germany. This state is located in central Europe. Official language - German. Capital - Berlin.
The monetary unit is Germany - Euro. Currency exchange, you can exchange offices and banks. Exchangers operate from 06:00 to 22:00 and from 08:30 to banks 15:00.
Germany's neighbors: Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands. Washed by the following seas: the North Sea and the Baltic.
Federal Republic of Germany is a member of: NATO and the European Union, as part of the "Big Eight".
The form of government of the state - a parliamentary state. The head of state is the Federal Chancellor.
German cuisine - the basis for German cuisine: grilled meat and potatoes, a popular dish as "vursht" made ​​from pork or beef. Germany is also known as: a delicious cheese and bread.
German beer
In Germany, it is difficult to name the best brand of beer. You can select a beer, which is used by the Germans: Hövels, Krombacher, Augustiner, Oettinger, Warsteiner, Veltins, Bitburger, Hasseröder, Schloesser, Radeberger, Jever, Paulaner, Sternburg et al.
Shopping in Germany
If you are a lover of shopping, places in Germany for this purpose are themselves suitable sites. Here you can buy at very low prices or the former things of the past season.
Majestic castles and palaces is a whole history of Germany. Visit Germany by car from Naniko.

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