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A few words about the city of Munich:
Munich is located in southern Germany, in Bavaria. Munich was founded as the capital of Bavaria in 1158, the Duke of Saxony and Bavaria - Henry the Lion. Here are concentrated scientific research, industrial centres. One of the largest libraries in Europe is located in this city.
After Berlin, he is the second city in attendance.
Munich - BMW House
The headquarters building is designed in the form of a 4-cylindered engine. BMW Museum was opened in 1972.
Bavarian beer
Munich is famous for brewing tradition, Bavarian beer is famous throughout the world. The city has six major breweries. Each year, at the end of September, Terezino meadow, this beer festival is even a special brew beer.
The most interesting and popular attractions of Munich:
Hofbräuhaus - known worldwide brasserie, which was opened in 1607. Alte Pinakothek in Munich - this huge art gallery is visited by many people with great interest.
Nymphenburg Palace - this palace began to build in 1664. Baroque style palace. In addition to the magnificent palace here you will find: lake, chapels, grottos, luxury bath.
Marienplatz - this place combines a wealth of shops, souvenir shops and restaurants. On the square are the Old and New Town Hall.
Frauenkirche - the highest cathedral, built in the XIV-XV cc.

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