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Features traffic in Frankfurt, Germany:
• Children under 12 years must be seated in a child seat
• Do not talk on a cell phone while driving
• Stop the car on the autobahn is prohibited, unless there is good reason for this. Allowed to stop the car on site service centers, which are mainly in the range of gas stations.
• Overtaking performed from the left side traffic
• Always tacked belts when driving
• The speed limit for traffic in the city 50 km / h is already out of town 100 km / h
Interesting facts about the city of Frankfurt
Frankfurt - on - Main is the fifth-largest city in Germany.
The first mention of the town in chronicles in 794 year. Maximilian 2 became the first king, who was crowned in Frankfurt.
Today in Frankfurt is the European Central Bank and Federal Bank of the country, also the famous Frankfurt Trade Fair.
Transportation hub of Europe - all important highways intersect here!
Given the fact that the city has existed since ancient times, there is a lot of attractions:
The majestic Cathedral of St. Bartholomew - Gothic church dates from which XIV-XV centuries. In this cathedral kept the upper part of the skull of St. Bartholomew.
Church of St. Catherine - This church was built in the XVII century. It was erected in honor of a Christian martyr Catherine of Alexandria. The church was rebuilt after the Second World War.
Roemer - the old town hall, the complex of buildings that are connected with each other transitions.
Incredible beauty of modern architecture differed Frankfurt from other cities. Majestic skyscrapers captivate guests. Telecommunication tower "Evropaturm" is the highest building in the city.
Major stores and shopping centers are concentrated in the central street Zeil.

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