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Affordable price for - Car rental at the airport Tegel in Berlin at Naniko

Rent a car at the airport Berlin Tegel is the most popular service among tourists and business people!
Car rental at the airport Tegel in Berlin - If you book a car in advance through the Internet or mobile devices, our representatives will meet you in the waiting room.

Rental cars from Naniko - is the perfect combination of low prices and high quality service.

We will solve the problem of movement and save your expenses.
The cost of renting cars at the airport Berlin Tegel include:
• Insurance
• Local taxes and VAT
• 24-hour support for our employees
About Airport Berlin Tegel:
Berlin Tegel International Airport was built in 1948 and bears the name of Otto Lilienthal.
Major flights from Tegel are docking in Frankfurt-am-Main. Besides offers flights to European countries, Turkey, North Africa, in New York, Doha and other important points.
Elevation - 37m.
Local -UTC + 1/1 +
Local currency - Euro
Type Airport - Civil
North-Tegel airport terminals are located in the northern part, the first civilian flight was carried out in 1960.
Tegel Airport-South was built during 1965-1975. Has five terminals and the control tower, which is surrounded on all sides by the airfield.

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