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Tallinn is biggest city and capital of Estonia, with about 400,000 of population. It is placed 80 km southern of Helsinki. It is prominent for its delightful old town, which has experienced a long history of invasions and occupations, but still retains its medieval charm.
Foundations of the city were by the Danes in the thirteenth century and ruled there until the 14th century. In fact, that's why his name is translated as the Danish city. At that time, the city center was almost entirely built.

Tallinn - a city of the Middle Ages and the Silicon Valley.

Since then, when in the thirteenth century Tallinn joined the Association of powerful cities, began an era of prosperity. The port was a link to the mainland and Russia, and thus was enabled rapid growth and wealth. Quantity of the most beautiful buildings in the city was built at this time, until the sixteenth century, Sweden has won a city. Under Swedish rule architecture of the city has adopted the Baroque style. You can enjoy the grandeur of Gothic and Baroque presented so far in the historic center, which attracts many tourists.
Ride on your vehicle rented from Naniko through the new city and discover the charm of Tallinn. In the new part you will find s skyscraper made in steel and glass, which is not very interesting for tourists with cultural purposes, but certainly impressionable for business purposes and generally emphasize the growth of the city. Thus, Tallinn is often called a sort of Silicon Valley on the Baltic Sea.
So, after long period of foreign domination, Estonians finally took control of their land and are certain to revel in every minute of won freedom. In fact, the economy is booming, cultural events are mandatory and nightlife, bars, restaurants and nightclubs are becoming more and more popular.
Visit Tallinn on car renting from Naniko and you will be amazed at how Estonians will be open, with the mentality of the international level!  

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