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Car rental Naniko - Sofia, Bulgaria

If you are looking for an economy class car, mini, standard, Sedan, SUV 4x4 or convertible, equipped with manual or automatic transmission, with or without air conditioning, on a holiday weekend, or for the leisure travel will give you a professional and adequate response to all of this company car hire Naniko.

Prices and terms of the lease vehicles from Naniko in Bulgaria:

  • For foreign tourists, you must have a passport and a valid in the European Union driving license.
  • Rate provided for rental includes the cost of all taxes, car insurance, maintenance (apart from the wheels) and unlimited mileage.
  • The final cost is formed on the type of car, the contract period, and in no small measure on the period of seasonal discounts.

Car rental in Sofia - Logical conclusion that the mobility and freedom of movement in Bulgaria tourist can get a hassle-free and costs really cheap.

Sofia city that is growing, but not aging

Sofia was originally a village founded in the footsteps of the ancient settlements of the Neolithic Celtic tribes’ in VII century BC. That’s why the ancient name of the city - Serdica. Occupied by the Romans in 29 AD, began to develop under the name Ulpia Serdica as a fortification and a shopping center.
Under the direction of Aurelian became the capital of the province of Dacia and closer to the middle of IV century the center of the Council, which was attended by 170 bishops.
Been an important transit point on the route between Naisus - today Nis in Serbia and Constantinople.
In 441 it was plundered by the Huns and then rebuilt by Justinian. Bulgarian town became in the seventh century, but in 1018 it was re-conquered by the Byzantines. Was returned to Bulgaria at the end of the twelfth century, and became one of the major centers of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. The Byzantines called it Triaditsa and the Slavs - Sredets. Real name Sofia is assigned in the fourteenth century in honor of the basilica of Hagia Sophia.
In 1382, it falls under the Turkish rule, under which it becomes modest economic center. Freed after the Russian-Turkish War (1878) became the capital of the Third Bulgarian Empire in 1879. Town began to develop rapidly, and the number of its inhabitants has increased from 20.000 to 30.0000.
Today Sofia is a modern cosmopolitan city with over a million inhabitants.
Great story of growth from a small village into a modern conglomerate is reflected in the archaeological finds and architectural treasures of the city and the country.

Cheap and comfortable on the way of explore eternally young city of Sofia by rent a car Naniko.

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