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Rent a car at low price from Naniko – in Bulgaria

Bulgaria - a tourist paradise for summer holidays at the sunny beaches of golden sand of innumerable resorts. But even if you arrived in Bulgaria on the sea resort, enough to enjoy the sea and sun, you always will desire to explore the surroundings and the nearby regions, despite the fact that Bulgaria is not only rich by sea beaches, but also by history and culture.

Rent a car in Bulgaria - Very handy for such a case is always convenient services of hire cars.

Without unnecessary formalities and delays, you can easily provide yourself by auto leasing in Bulgaria using
Based on the objectives of your trip, the composition and the number of people we will offer exactly a vehicle that will respond all your requests.
We offer all the rich arsenal of our fleet.

  • By body type:
  • Small cars - hatchbacks and sedans
  • SUV (4x4)
  • Minivans and microbuses
  • Sport convertibles
  • By operating system and the type of fuel:
  • With an automatic transmission
  • With mechanical transmission
  • Tiptronic – model of cars with manual shifting implemented in automatic. This feature helps to control the dynamics of car under different operating conditions.

Tiptronic as a trademark was registered in 1989 and is owned by the German sports car company Porshe. Initially, the scheme was designed for motorsport, to ensure quick gear changes.

  • According to the type of fuel are available autos on petrol and diesel.

Bulgaria - The Land of Roses

Bulgaria - a small country that covers only 2% of the European territory, but the interesting fact that here is available the largest area of cultivation of roses. Accordingly, Bulgaria can be proud to be called the country of roses, without fear that the primacy of merit can be usurped by competitors.
Rose Festival is held in late May - first days of June in the Valley of the Roses between Karlovo and Kazanlak. Accustomed to aggressive marketing techniques tourists from Western Europe are at risk do not get into the rose valley of Europe" because it’s not specified by billboards.
Bulgaria share in world production of essential oils is 70%.
Rose petals easily harvested by hand, at dawn, and then sent a ton of petals to small Distilleries, which seems a bath by the quantity of steam that circulates. The last stop - packing precious oils, perfumes, cosmetics.
Let’s visit together the famous rose garden of Europe - Bulgaria in a car rental from Naniko.

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