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Car Rental at Sofia Airport - from Naniko

Booking car hire in Sofia airport easy at Simply choose a car that you like, provide the required information and book. Do not wait for tomorrow, then it's easier to do it right now!

Some of the nuances by Naniko that will help you determine the type of vehicle for rent in the airport of Sofia.

Car rental at Sofia Airport – best proposal at Naniko.

  • Petrol or diesel?

If the rate of savings in doubt, what type of fuel to take the car, our advice is this - there is no difference. Today in Bulgaria diesel fuel costs almost the same as gasoline.
Thus, choose by the principle - that one what more enjoyable for you.

  • Automatic or manual transmission?

Since the straight and smooth roads in Bulgaria are likely exception, here preferred a manual transmission, especially on mountain roads. Mechanics gives more control and maneuvering possibility of cars, especially in tight corners on the climbs and descents.

  • Engine power?

This criterion does not play a big role, as the maximum allowed speed - up to 130 kilometers per hour.


Sofia airport is the most important one in Bulgaria. Its alternative name is Sofia Letishte. Construction of the airport began in 1930 and since that period has gone through many renovations. Last modification was carried out in 2000.

Airport manages the main part of the air traffic of the country and for this reason; Bulgaria has always invested in its reorganization and improvement of design for the developing of services and atmosphere.
Insofar as military loved the location of the airport, during the Second World War, it was decided to actively use.
To reach the city from the airport, there are several alternatives and one of them is the bus, but you have to wait about half an hour. There are two routes, one that takes you right into the heart of the city, while the other to the University of Sofia.
If you decide to hire a taxi, make sure that it is a legitimate taxi driver, so as not to have overpaid for the service.
Parking territory operates to both terminals.

The trust and comfort of our customers - these are the goals sought by the company Naniko, providing you a car rental service at Sofia airport.

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