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Let’s start your trip in Belgium with Naniko – Car rental in Belgium!

Rent a car in Belgium is - a unique chance to visit a place of fabulously beautiful country - Belgium.
Incredible low rates car hire service in Belgium from a company Naniko. From our company you will get exactly the vehicle that will meet your needs completely.
Among Naniko you will find:
• Friendly staff
• Affordable prices, even for low-budget tourists
• The presence of offices in all major cities and airports
• Easy way to book a car
• Wide range of cars

Take a ride on the roads of Belgium on the super cars from Naniko!

Brief information about Belgium:
The official name of the country - the Kingdom of Belgium. Located in Western Europe. Neighbors Belgium: Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Germany. It has access to the North Sea.
Interesting facts about Belgium:
• The first railway in Europe was built in Belgium.
• In Belgium, produces about 800 kinds of beer.
• The largest number of chocolate sold in the international airport of Brussels.
• In 1763, in the town of Spa was open the first casino in Europe.
• Chocolate "Praline" is the most popular type of chocolate was invented in Belgium.
• In 1999, Herk de Stad was opened the first academy in the world of beer.
Why Belgium is annually visited by many tourists? What is so attractive there?
Fantastically beautiful city, friendly inhabitants, delicious chocolate, royal palaces and museums will remain in your memory forever.
The most famous attractions of the country:
Castle Belay - This museum is located in the province of Hainaut, and it is called "the Belgian Versailles". The interior is designed in classic style of Renaissance era.
Nemo 33 - is the deepest in the world swimming pool. Water, which it is filled in  -fresh and non-chlorinated. This is a very interesting place for those who are interested in dipping and diving.
Bruges - one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. This ancient city, here you can enjoy the beauty: churches, cathedrals, town hall and forgive picturesque streets.

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