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Best Deals of service - car rental in Brussels from the company Naniko.

Do not lose the chance to purchase a quality car rental.

Here you will find cars of different classes and models, ranging from compact cars finishing minivans.
Naniko provides an opportunity to take a car for rent in Brussels and returning to any place of the country! Use the free online reservation and unlimited mileage at us. During the ride on our cars you will feel comfort and all the amenities.
Important information for drivers in Brussels:
•  It is not allowed to drive at a speed exceeding 50 km / h
• The permitted amount of alcohol in the blood while driving -  0.05 promille
• Three of the main points on which the Brussels police pay the greatest attention: you must have switched on dipped beam, children under 12 years of age should have to sit in a child seat, during driving you need to be buckled.
Interesting facts about the city of Brussels
What is famous for Brussels?
Firstly, Brussels it is a capital not only for  Belgium, but for the whole Europe also, because here are the headquarters of NATO and the European Union.
The largest amount of chocolate is made in Brussels, in the year of approximately 220,000 tons.
On Sundays all inhabitants rest, even the pharmacy do not work.
The biggest area of Grand - Place, this place in deepest past was the largest trading place of the city. The area is surrounded by houses, which belong to the VII century.
In the thirteenth century was built the most famous cathedral city - the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula. Particularly attracted the attention of the two highest towers that height is of 70 meters, the tower decorated with spiers.
Atomium - this is the greatest iron construction that was built for the World Exhibition in 1958.
In Brussels, a lot of interesting places and here, in the heart of Europe, you will spend an unforgettable time. For having more time to explore more interesting places you can use quality car rental in Brussels from the company Naniko!

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