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Rent a car in Odessa, Ukraine with better conditions by Naniko

The southern city of Odessa is just over 30 km of the firth at the mouth of the Dniester and  has soft enough, can say an ideal climate for beach resort.
This is pretty a modern town with streets paved with granite blocks, interesting public and private buildings and numerous gardens. The charm and picturesque Odessa very clearly emphasizes in the spring, when the surrounding area dazzling by countless colors.

For a more in-depth study of area and just for your maximum comfort most of the tourists prefer to hire a car in Odessa. This service has received widely spread and is in great demand. The main thing is to find the right provider of service for you and it certainly can be a company Naniko!

Visiting, you will see that come to the correct place where are the best deals on car rental in Odessa!

  • Very simply, just by filling out the application form and indicating all the necessary parameters of car, you get in a few seconds the corresponding list of vehicles.
  • Looking daily huge flow of information about the services of auto hire on the market, our system generates the most favorable price, already included taxes and insurance.
  • Insurance package from Naniko allows for protection against theft of the vehicle, a collision damage and civil liability coverage that will be expounded in more detail in the contract.
  • Discounts you can get, based on the quantity of days of rental period.
  • Our fleet will surprise you with its diversity: SUV 4x4, 7 and 9 local minivans, sedans, hatchbacks, convertibles or sports cars Luxury class, everything is available here.
  • Note that if necessary, can be specified the desired address of the acceptance of the car and it will be delivered to the right place!
  •, having a numeric offices around the world provide an excellent service that is available in various languages. For our customers is an access to technical support by phone is possible, even in their native language!

Based on all the benefits of Naniko for vehicle hire in Odessa, be assured, your holiday will be unforgettable!

The ancient city of Odessa is the first cultural center of the Crimea, with access to the Black Sea and now is like a big commercial port, and a pleasant resort. It is a fascinating place for tourism, where you can enjoy the sight of the elegant buildings such as the Opera House, the Vorontsov Palace, Pushkin House and the Archaeological Museum.

The suburbs are also very extensive and interesting and easy accessible with your auto renting in Odessa. Numerous holiday resorts scattered along the coast, but the most significant can be found in the surroundings of the estuary where the waters are rich in magnesium and calcium, and the dirt soaked with hydrogen sulfide and is widely used for medicinal purposes for rheumatism, nervous disorders and skin diseases.

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