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Rent a car at the airport in Odessa, attractive offers from Naniko

This curious town is a surreal mix of gorgeous seaside resort and the industrial area, in some strange way coexisting tohether. Odessa since ancient times been an important shipping and trading port on the Black Sea. It is also famous for his role in the 1905 revolution, in which the rebellious battleship Potemkin gave its support to the rebels. And in Odessa is that famous staircase of 192 steps, which appeared in the famous film The Battleship Potemkin.
The cultural life of the city is also rich, with a large opera house, the Vorontsov Palace and Archaeological Museum, with exhibits things from Egypt and of the ancient Black Sea region. And, without a doubt, magnificent beaches that attract masses of tourists here!
Car renting at the airport of Odessa is the most demanded type of movement is used extensively by tourists, which gives security and comfort at the most affordable prices.

Save your budget with the services of car rental at the airport of Odessa at the most economical rates by Naniko!

  • Comprehensive auto insurance that takes into account the protection from damage in the collision, theft, liability is already accounted for in the price as well as all local taxes.
  • The variety of our fleet of vehicles is always a pleasant surprise for our clients: minivans and minibuses, sedans and hatchbacks, sport convertibles and other.
  • Current models of cars equipped with all amenities such as central locking and power steering or air conditioning.
  • International driver's license is required in the case if it issued on other than the Latin language, for example in the Cyrillic, Chinese, etc.
  • We make every effort to ensure the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information provided on our website.
  • Upon receipt of the vehicle, along with personal documents, you must also provide a voucher of your reservation, containing the necessary information.
  • Please note that the company is not responsible for problems resulting from driving while intoxicated, violation of rules and regulations of driving or negligent behavior.

Use the bonus of unlimited mileage and road assistance from Naniko for vehicle renting at the airport of Odessa!

Odessa Airport serves both domestic and international flights to numerous destinations on the globe, and is also used for the Air Force of Ukraine.
It was built in 1961, and according to the last years has reached about a million passenger over. The occupied area of ​​the airport is 570 ha, where are presented all the necessary structures. A terminal created with ideal conditions for the comfort of travelers.
Landed here and get your car hired at the airport in Odessa, you can head on any routes of your choice. Here, in many places you can enjoy exploring the great architectural heritage and natural beauty.

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