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Car rental at low prices from Naniko at airport of Zhuliany in Kyiv

The best solution for your vacation or business trip is a car renting from Naniko at the airport Zhuliany. We have the possibility to provide great deals and unparalleled customer service. You get the independence movement and are not limited to tight schedule of a bus route or the high prices of local taxis.

Rent a car Naniko provides cars at the airport to Kiev at the best prices. Due to the presence of a variety of cars of different modifications and technical data, as well as knowing the conditions of the main suppliers of services in Ukraine, we are able to offer you the best prices on rental cars.

Booking car rental at airport of Zhuliany in Kyiv from Naniko in Zhuliany is performed in the following steps:

Check availability at the desired date for you

  • Select your ideal car

  • Fill in the form of pre-booking of your personal data.

Once we receive your application, the approval of your order will be sent to e-mail address. Before you complete the booking process, please check the details of all terms of renting a car.

Upon receiving of your car in Zhuliany Airport provide the representative of the company by confirmation voucher, driving license and upon payment of services will get the vehicle.

Respect the rules of accepting cars, in order to avoid any confusion when you return: check the status of the case, glass and wheels, as well as the salon for some defects. All existing flaws should be fixed in the preparation of the car.

Airport Zhuliany

Kiev International Airport, better known as Zhuliany, is a "younger brother “of the more famous and busiest airport of Borispol.

A few months ago, Zhuliany had only one old terminal that served all domestic and international flights.

Since May 2012, the airport was expanded with the additional new modern terminal for international routes.

Currently, the airport has the following structure:

  • Terminal A, international flights

  • Terminal B, domestic flights

How to get to the airport

Taxi prices are reasonable when ordering by phone.

With unofficial taxi you can always haggle before pick up.

Car hiring Naniko wish you a pleasant journey along the roads of Kiev starting from Zhuliany!

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