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Car Rental - Istanbul - from Naniko

In fact, there is no better means to move around while traveling as a vehicle renting. Especially if you happen to find exactly the company that is 100% will take into account to satisfy your requests.

We are glad to introduce you a company Naniko, offering car hire at low cost in Istanbul.

What confirms the right choice?

  • Guarantee the best price
  • Roadside assistance service seven days a week
  • Booking is simple and effective
  • No unexpected costs
  • Service - transfer with a driver from the company:
  • All our drivers speak in English
  • The service is active 365 days a year
  • Transfer to the airport, city to city, or service for a specified period of time.
  • Customer service is safe and secure


Istanbul - cosmopolitan city

The ancient name of the period of the Byzantines - Constantinople, gives a sense of contact with a rich past and the great events of Istanbul. The highlights of these past instances primarily appear gaze Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia, which in the original was the Catholic Church. Also the Süleymaniye Mosque deserves a visit.

Moreover, Istanbul is a paradise for shopping admirers!  For purchasing and entertainment, you have to go on the Grand and Egyptian markets, - the centers of commerce, where you can rejoice in find products of all kinds.
Of course, you cannot miss the chance to visit a Turkish bath. The most famous and ancient one is a historic Galatasaray.
Officially, Istanbul inhabits 8 million dwellers, but in fact, this number is likely to be much larger and the consistency of the population is very multinational. Apart from the Turkish generality, there are by tradition a lot of Greeks, Armenians and Jews.
Driving in Istanbul
Chaotic is the true word in determining the accuracy of the traffic in Istanbul. During rush hours, two bridges over the Bosporus and the Golden Horn crowded by cars. Need to weight the patience to drive here. But at the same time a unique opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous views of the bridges. If you cross one of the bridges from the European to the Asian side, you'll have to buy a ticket in advance.
If you have no experience of driving in a chaotic city, it is best to leave your vehicle at the hotel and use it to explore the surrounding area.
Meanwhile, the chaotic and multifaceted Istanbul together with car rental Naniko always awaits you!

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