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Moving in the big cities is always associated with a loss of time, which results in unwanted nervousness and fatigue. Who will be in suspense nicely, especially when it comes to vacation or business trip? Of course, in our modern world have access to any facilities, and plenty of opportunities to adapt to the existing balance.
So in your journey to avoid the stress of chaotic conglomerate, you will helped by car hire company Naniko in Ankara.
Forget about the discomfort of long waiting and travel on public transport, about overpaying for taxi service.
Simple and easy to implement booking of your auto renting online at

  • Select the appropriate machine for your purposes
  • Enter the date and the place where you want to receive cars
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Ankara - the modern capital

If you are visiting Turkey for the first time, it is logical to give full attention to the Turkish capital. Among his dozens of museums, archaeological sites, mosques and historical sites, there are a lot of what to fill your days with fun excursions.
Ankara, the official capital, though modern and open to the future, but the origins of its formation are rooted in ancient times, which is evidenced by numerous archaeological finds of the Romanesque period, located in the ancient citadel Heather.
Ankara divided into two parts. The ancient city, called Ulus, and a new – is Yenişehir. Here visible office buildings and commercial city, with department stores and theaters.
At this point, with restaurants offering typical Turkish cuisine and local wines you can visit the Museum of Civilization of Anatolia, which shows the instances since Paleolithic to the Romanesque era.
In Ankara, high on a hill is the mausoleum of Ataturk - Father of the Fatherland, an imposing building with exhibits from the life of the President of Turkey.
For fun, in addition to several parks where you can relax and unwind in the Turkish capital, there are many night clubs and discos.
Kinacilar Bar, with good music and quality drinks and bar Sherlock Holmes with a youth bubbly environment, and other entertainment venues, where you can enjoy a pleasant, until dawn.
Car rental Naniko in Ankara tirelessly in the service of their clients!

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