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Rent a car at the airport Ataturk - Istanbul - from Naniko

For those arriving by plane, it is desirable to hire an auto and travel freely to the opening of Istanbul and other parts of the country.
Naniko allows this chance to Istanbul Ataturk airport, in order to reduce your costs.
Through the reservation form on our website, you can enter the required criteria to the vehicle and your data, to provide a means of transportation without any hassle.

On you will find everything that you are interested about the vehicle rental at the airport in Istanbul Ataturk:

  • The best offers at the price and comprehensive services
  • The costs that we offer already include all taxes and insurance!
  • There is no delimitation on mileage on our cars
  • Wide range of motors
  • Additional security is provided by comprehensive insurance
  • No penalties for a change or cancellation of reservation. Notify us within 48 hours.


Istanbul Ataturk International Airport.

Named after the first president of the Republic of Turkey, is the main airport of the Turkish state. Here operate the world's leading airlines including Turkish Airlines, Atlasjet, Alitalia, Air France, Austrian Airlines, Delta Air Lines, EgyptAir, Emirates Airlines, Lufthansa and many others.

The airport contains two terminals: A - for international flights and for domestics - B. Ataturk opened in 2001, which explains its modern furnishings and equipment.
It is 24 kilometers south-west of Istanbul, on the European side, in contrast to the second international airport, which is placed on the Asian side. It is planned to build another one.
From the airport just 5 minutes’ walk to the subway station. There are other vehicles like bus or shuttle to reach the city.
The airport grants passengers services as hotel in the territory, two conference halls and business center. In the international terminal five VIP rooms and three rooms of meetings. Here an impressive number of shops and places where you can eat or drink.

Ataturk is primely corresponding for the needs of persons with disabilities.

Airport Istanbul Ataturk - the beginning of a captivating adventure with the comfort of a rent a car from Naniko.

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