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Rent a car of your dreams from Naniko in the dreamy destination of St. Petersburg

To visit the enchanting St. Petersburg and its environs car rental solution uncontested right decision. Company Naniko will offer you their services in many areas of the city or at the airport of your arrival.

A simpler and easier all with today's possibilities arrange in advance with our online portal, where very quickly you'll have a guaranteed car at a guaranteed price.

Rent a car in St. Petersburg -Do not procrastinate the comfort of your trip!

Here are a few simple steps for the car hire at Naniko in St. Petersburg:

  • Select from the fleet presented on the site, most appropriate car for your purposes.

  • Determine the date of your trip and find out the presence of a specific model for these days.

  • Specify desired delivery and return address of the vehicle.

  • Make sure that the price, which includes all taxes and insurance, really unprecedented economical!

  • Complete the online booking and receive a confirmation with the details of your order.

Petrograd, Petersburg, Leningrad, St. Petersburg ... a whirlwind of history swept through each of them...

St. Petersburg, with the status of an autonomous city, spread from pitch of borders with Estonia and Finland and to the shores of Lake Onega. Second after Moscow city by population, was for two centuries the capital of Russia continuously. Founded in 1703 by Peter the Great, the city identified the entrance of Russia in European history, leaving open the gateway to Eastern Europe as an important symbol of cultural comparison. It is situated in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland, at the delta of the Neva River (coming out of Lake Ladoga), on marshy ground.

City plan is different from the other Russian old towns with its regularity. Together with Russian masters worked here Italian, French, English and German architects.

If at the beginning of the 18th century architecture was characterized by a certain sobriety, as Petersburg - Summer Palace of Peter I, A. Schluter; Menshikov Palace, fountains, etc., by mid-century there were Neoclassical works - St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Academy of Fine Arts. Baroque style and more complex architectural compositions are leading. There are Winter Palace, the structures of Tsarskoye Selo and Peterhof of architect Rastrelli.

Among the museums, in addition to the Museum Stieglitz, stands the Hermitage, one of the largest museums in the world.

The population of St. Petersburg is 4,869,000 people registered in 2011, although possible that, especially in the summer, the city overwhelms 6,000,000 people daily. Today, St. Petersburg is a conglomerate of several towns and villages, once separated from the city.

City of incomparable architecture - St. Petersburg opens its northern gate, and at the car renting desk Naniko carry you to the history of the city landmarks!

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