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Car rental at incredibly low price by Naniko at Vnukovo airport in Moscow

Find the perfect car hire company among the myriad of proposals is not so easy. With regard to the relevant criteria, and all of your needs to the vehicle, you need to sort out a lot of suggestions, or have a great opportunity to trust in long-term experience of Naniko and with our perfect service of online reservation provide a convenience move ahead.

Car rental at Vnukovo airport in Moscow – guaranteed service for you!

Rent a car at Vnukovo from Naniko easiest way to your travel much lower cost.

Here, all for your convenience:

A wide range of cars: manual or automatic transmission, subcompact or sedans, minivans or SUVs.

All prices include: unlimited mileage, taxes, insurance coverage.

Free choice of payment method: when booking bank transfer or cash on delivery cars.

Some information about Vnukovo airport in Moscow.

International Airport of Moscow Vnukovo is the first approved by the administration of Soviet Union in 1937 and was opened near Moscow in 1941, is named in honor of the autonomous region of Moscow.

Functions for linear and charter flights and freight.

One of the five main airports in the Moscow region is situated in one of the economic, commercial, educational and military centers of Russia. Millions of people are coming here to get the capital or passing in transit to other destinations of the country and Europe.

As a military airport during World War II, Vnukovo became a civil immediately upon its completion.

In September 1956, the first Russian aircraft Tupolev Tu-104 performed direct passenger flight to Irkutsk, with a stopover in Omsk.

In 1980, in honor of the XXII Olympic Games, it has been expanded and improved.

The second strip for takeoffs and landings was opened in 2009.

In the same year there were committed 130,000 flights.

Strategic plan for development and expansion of Vnukovo exists until 2015. So in 2004, opened a new terminal completed in 2008, attracting to the capital another 20-22 million passengers per year.

Planned for the future as an extension of the passenger area and the construction, new Cargo Terminal, designed to accept 5 aircraft the size of a Boeing 747.

Currently the airport has two operating bands take-off and landing. One of them is 3 000 m length and 60 meters wide.

The possibility of movement on the strip is 60 airplane displacements per hour.

Today Vnukovo is classified as the fourth Russian airport with 65,000 flights and 100 different airlines that operate here throughout the year.

For the arrival and departure of the official delegations and the Prime Minister of the Russian state there is a VIP terminal. In 2010, the terminal has won the first place in Europe as a place to stay business trips, ahead of the first VIP terminals of Nice, Paris, London, Geneva and Zurich.

Go ahead with your dream to visit astonished city starting from Vnukovo with car renting Naniko!

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