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Naniko car rental at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow

Reservation of vehicle hire in Sheremetyevo guarantees you get a cheap means of transportation during your stay in Moscow. It is offered by the company Naniko through the web site, all for your convenient choice. Here you will get the maximum information for pre-booking, a high level of personal service, cars of excellent condition and incredibly low prices.

Do you need a car rental at Sheremetyevo Airport for the weekend or for business reasons Naniko provides you with vehicles on any target trip at Sheremetyevo Airport.

Why rent a car in Sheremetyevo through

  • Numerous benefits and seasonal discounts for our regular customers.

  • Our fleet is equipped with only the best brands of car manufacturers.

  • Service center of our company is available to customers throughout the day.

  • Our service system in online mode is simple and reliable and allows your reservation in minutes.

Sheremetyevo - Moscow international gateway.

Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow, opened in 1959, until recently, consisted of two separate terminals, Sheremetyevo-1 (domestic flights) and 2 (international flights), now linked Transfer. It is the second largest airport in Russia after Domodedovo, located near Moscow. Moscow Sheremetyevo receives more than 20 million passengers a year.

Sheremetyevo airport in Russia is the most important in terms of international and intercontinental flights. In 2005, an important worked on the development of infrastructure and modernization in order to increase passenger traffic to 35 million per year. The airport has two runways, 3,500 and 3,700 meters and is divided into 5 terminals - B, C, D, E, F, and covers an area of ​​about 480,000 square meters. This is the most extensive complex of Russia and Eastern Europe and the fourth largest in the European classification of the quality of the proposed services to passengers.

The airport is easily reachable from the city center by car. Efficient taxi service, which can be ordered in the information office in terminals B, C and F, although it is well for a single service, since is not cheap. There is more economically efficient, to arrange in advance a rental car by Naniko for further move.

There are available as well the public transport and very modern Aeroexpress.

Sheremetyevo offers numerous services to passengers. Starting with a mother and child room and to transfer between terminals, there is the Internet and a variety of offices for information. In all terminals is available service package of luggage, restaurants, bars and post offices. Parking grounds designed for 2500 seats and areas devoted to maximize the comfort of people with disabilities.

Good luck on the Russian expanses, which begins with the Sheremetyevo International Airport on a car hiring from Naniko!

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