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Visit in Bishkek - Rent a car in Bishkek at Naniko

To acquire the comfortable means of transportation it is means: guarantee of memorable vacation, guarantee of successful business day.

Rent a car in Bishkek - the best offer from the company Naniko.

You can book a car rental for a ride around town on various business meetings, to get out of the city and travel through the beautiful and endless steppes.

When renting a car from our company:

• You get the opportunity to travel as much as you want, since we have an unlimited mileage

• You can order the delivery of the vehicle to the desired place for you and you can choose the place of returning of the car

• The cost of hiring the car fully includes all local taxes and insurance

• Possibility to equip machines with additional accessories

• The minimum number of documents to make reservation

• We do not have "off time" (24 hours working time)

• No additional costs

The service of auto rental in Bishkek is used mostly by tourists who come to visit the beautiful landscapes of the country and visit the ancient cities of the Silk Road.

The city's name translates: - "Mixer for whipping koumiss."

This is the city of storm life and that is why attracts a lot of people: here you'll find a huge number of bars and disco clubs, as well as traditional teahouses. On the streets you can still meet men in the "caps" and colorful robes. This is where you can taste the most delicious kumys worldwide.

Bishkek is known as a green city, as it possesses a great number of parks: Panfilov Park, Oak Park, Park of Kemal Ataturk, the park "Baytykskaya Valley".

Main attractions:

Ala-Too Square - the main square of the city, where are performed all the festivities.

Botanical Garden - was created in 1938 and to date in Central Asia has the largest amount of plants species.

Just a 2-hour drive from Bishkek is picturesque gorge. Here you can relax in total.

On machines from Naniko you can organize an unforgettable trip.

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