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Many years of practice has allowed us developing the most flexible services.
Our guaranteed prices include unlimited mileage, roadside assistance, and insurance in case of damage or theft of the car, local taxes.

Would you like to rent a car of your dreams? Our fleet is waiting for your choice and is happy to provide a luxury model or a more economical small car, large capacity machines or SUVs for the brave extreme trips. And for lovers with a refined taste Naniko company plans to soon draft "my grandfather's car", which will be offered to older cars and even for the thrill, "native Lada"of 70-80th, carrying in the Soviet era.
For lovers of fast ride offer sporty BMW Z3, Porsche Boxster, Toyota MR2.

Car rental in Astana - Choosing the date and place of reception the vehicle is available to you at your discretion and convenience.
Astana - the capital of the illuminations
The city is the capital of Kazakhstan since 1997. The name means the capital, and was elected for the reason that it is easy to pronounce in most languages. It is also an anagram of the word "Satan", which caused a lot of theories about the origin of the word.

A closer look at amazing Astana.

Astana is relatively a young city. The first recorded settlement here since 1824, when a group of Siberian Cossacks founded the fortress on the river Isim, which later grew into a town called Akmola.
In the twentieth century, being an important railway junction, strengthened economically until the Civil War. In 1961, during the project for the development of virgin lands city was renamed Tselinograd. And in this period were migrated here many Russian workers.
In 90 years, Kazakhstan has become independent from the Soviet Union and the region where it is located, has been called Akmola.
At present, the city's population is steadily increasing.
Visiting the city, you'll see why Astana named the capital of illuminations, where the most significant buildings unconditionally impressive sight for tourists.

  • Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

It is a gigantic pyramid, designed by the famous English architect Foster. The building is divided into three parts: the base portion assigned to the theater and the opera, and with a darkened cavernous environment, and a huge image of the sun. In the middle of the hall of meetings between representatives of the major religions of the world; in the center of the room there is a large "solar table" around which all come together.
A tip of the pyramid is decorated with stained glass depicting the 130 pigeon’s meaning characters nationalities living in the country.

  • Baiterek Tower is a symbol of Kazakhstan, the legend of the divine bird that lays its eggs on the top of the trees, which did not reach by people. Eggs contain people's desires and answers about the future.
  • Columns and Presidential Palace

    There are two huge towers that resemble two pillars of Solomon's Temple, Boaz and Jachin. A
    Presidential Palace, between two columns, can only be the Temple of Solomon
    Other places of interest:

  • Khan Shatyr Enterainment Centre, the largest tent in the world.
  • Stadium in the form of the eye is able to open and close.
  • Crazy Tower (not the official name).
  • Central markets.


In conclusion, it remains to wish the maximum impressions of seen and ease of movement, respectively Environment rental cars from Naniko in light Astana.

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