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The best Car rental in Almaty from a company Naniko

Decided to take a trip to Almaty and, of course, the best solution would be the car for comfort and freedom of movement. Pick among our offers the most appropriate for your style of travel car, make sure that the price is hard to find better. Car rental in Almaty – this service really for you!

Save your precious time and enjoy the impeccable service of rent a car from Naniko in Almaty.

  • Place of Acceptance of cars according to your wishes.
  • Type of vehicle: Econom, Sedan, SUV, minivan...
  • Transmission: manual, automatic, tiptronic...
  • It remains only to confirm your choice.
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • 100% secure online payment
  • Leg-up in the case of traffic problems
  • 24-hour access to the mobile operator
  • Optimal guaranteed prices, including taxes and insurance fees


Almaty – astonish destination

The former capital, the biggest city in Kazakhstan, Almaty, is the main cultural and commercial center. It is situated in the southern mountainous part of the country, near the border of Kyrgyzstan. Since Almaty is also the financial center of Central Asia, the city is crowded by Diasporas of expatriates and tourists. Almaty is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and powerful, reinforcing its charm that attracts visitors from all over the world. The city is located on the clones mainly from south to north, and therefore determined to move around very easy.
Almaty is also among the fifty most costly cities on planet. But, however, much of the city is still not open yet and covered by undiscovered original natural.
In Almaty, you can arrive by air routes, as many airlines have regular flights here.

In such places of big tourist activity as Almaty, rent a car in high demand. So do not miss the chance to resolve the issue of your mobility in this trip in advance. And such a possibility for you is given by our impeccably intelligent booking system.

All with care about the convenience of our customers from the rental cars Naniko in Almaty!

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