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Reliable Rent a car at the airport of Astana from the reliable car rental company Naniko

Astana, the new capital of Kazakhstan, impresses with its futuristic buildings that make it authentic and a shining example of modern urban planning. This is a metropolis in the making, , nymph, from which has already seen the lovely butterfly wings, designed to become the cradle of the whole of Central Asia, according to the view of country's leaders.
Rent a car at the airport of Astana – it is useful service!

 With car rental Naniko at the airport of Astana you will immediately plunge into the wonderful world of the roads and streets of the city, to a meeting to uncharted expanses.

Astana International Airport

It is located 15 km south of the city and is connected by direct flights to Moscow, Kiev, Istanbul, Beijing and other major cities. The airport was designed by Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa, who worked on internal projects of new cities.
You will reach the city center quickly and conveniently in a rented car from Naniko at Astana airport. Online booking on our website, in addition, will give you the guaranteed assurance of having your own vehicle immediately upon arrival. No queues in anticipation of public transport and depending on the schedule of the traffic! You create your own itinerary and driving comfortable car in control of your time on your own.

Hotels in Astana airport

At 15 kilometers from the airport of Astana, there are some very popular hotels. If you need a place to stay, you will not take a wrong decision selecting the Radisson Hotel.

Astana city of the future and the world!

Founded in the eighteenth century, Astana changed its name several times, and in 1998, replaced Almaty as capital of Kazakhstan. With rental cars at the airport Naniko Astana city tour will be very comfortable, especially in winter when the temperature drops to -40 °! Impressive tower is a symbol of Bajterek: Skyscraper 97 meters, topped with a huge golden sphere, which offers a spectacular view of the city; inside you will find an art gallery, an aquarium and a restaurant.
The Pyramid of Peace is a wonderful building that houses the center for interreligious and intercultural dialogue.
Striking a giant transparent tent Khan Shatyr, this covers an open recreation area.

With car hiring Naniko in Astana airport you can enjoy the nightlife of the city, visit the great bars and nightclubs!
Meeting with Central Asia, provided be city of peace, will be framed for you in comfort thanks to hire a car Naniko at Astana airport!

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