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Low price for the service - Car rental in Tbilisi airport from Naniko

If you come to Georgia on vacation, car rentdirectly from the airport of Tbilisi is a good idea.

We advise not pace yourself hours of searching on multiple sites of this service, as we have already done for you this job.

Car rental in Tbilisi airport from -Our rates are the lowest you can find at the airport in Tbilisi. Also our fleet allows us to offer you a choice of cars of different brands, and modifications to suit every budget.

Using our online system of prior booking in a few of seconds you will get the desired result of a car with the best service package at the Tbilisi airport.

Naniko rent a car included in the Fees

  • Casco insurance cost

  • Special additional condition for our customers - unlimited mileage

  • Local taxes and VAT

  • Road assistance with unforeseen problems

  • 24-hour information support

After exercise your pre-booking of car renting at Tbilisi airport, you will receive confirmation document of your order which you should have available at reception of the vehicle. It contains your personal information and details of your order.

An international airport of Tbilisi

Tbilisi Airport is the main airport serving Georgia. According to local or international flights, thousands of tourists flock to the country each year. The airport is situated 18 km to southeast from the Tbilisi center.

Tbilisi airport annually serves about 1.5 million passengers. In addition to functioning as a nodal operational airport in the Caucasus, Tbilisi airport also serves a variety of scheduled flights international companies.

In February 2007, the project was completed the reconstruction of the airport's infrastructure. The project composed of the reconstruction of a new international terminal, parking, modernization and expansion of parking, taxiways and runways, and the purchase of equipment for ground maintenance.

Also railway was built, connecting the airport to the central station. But the timetable is a bit limited, only 6 train a day in each direction in the morning and evening hours.

From the city to the airport is upgraded track - George W. Bush Avenue. Although it is worth considering that the speeds limit on the highway 80 km / h and need to leave a little early to be at the time of the flight. For the convenience of our customers our company also gives you the possibility to return the car to any desirable for you location or at the airport.

Travel with the safety and comfort of the car hiring Naniko at Tbilisi airport.

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