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Car rental at the airport in Kutaisi from the company Naniko

Especially for you at the airport of Kutaisi from rent a carcompany Naniko there is:

  • Small, medium and large volumes of cylinders, with automatic or manual transmission, special vehicles such as minivans, enclosing more than 9 passengers.

  • A company representative will bring you rented car in your desired location, and the refund can be done where you feel comfortable, or at the airport upon your departure.

  • For greater flexibility and confidence following the correct route is possible to order a car with a local driver.

  • If you are a fan of exploring new routes, the company will offer you GPS-Navigator, and many other accessories for the convenience of your trip.

Car rental at the airport in Kutaisi – your way for your magnificent trip!

International Airport Kutaisi

In recent years, Georgia has become a country of increasing tourism activity, especially in the field of international tourism.

In this context, the draft International Airport Kutaisi was aimed at increasing the flow of time.

Kutaisi is now a kind of cultural center of Georgia, primarily because the city was chosen as the new headquarters of the Georgian Parliament.

Terminal for more than four thousand square meters, of course, the heart of the airport.

In fact, the airport has a central hall that is used for arrivals, registered in the waiting room, three outputs for departing with the presence of shops, car hire, bar, lounge, and an outdoor garden. In the arrivals area there is also the customs authorities for the border police, the administration area with rooms for staff and a conference room.

The architecture of the terminal is focused on simplicity of style.

The interior of the terminal has the structure of a transparent umbrella, which functions as a ring for the flow of passengers and offers views to the slopes of the Caucasus on the horizon, and the interior, the white colors, reinforcing the idea of ​​transparency.

Airport control tower as the focal point.

The project is a building of height of 55 meters and an area of 300 square meters. Large cabin for control is made of glass with high acoustic power, while the remaining part of the tower is covered with perforated aluminum that ensures optimal lighting and ventilation structure.

At the foot of the tower more than 1,500 square meters are support offices. Rare feature of the tower is endowed with a transparent covering, the color of which varies depending on air traffic at the moment. With a built-in set of LEDs in the ceiling, the structure is able to change colors at night, depending on the changes of wind flow.

The building is so avant-garde style, which is a kind of example of his style, of course, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Natural sources of groundwater play a crucial role here and used for cooling tower floors of the terminal and control the temperature of buildings.

Rental cars at the airport Naniko Kutaisi - your best possible start and guide into a "sea of antiquity," like the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece in ancient Colchis!

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