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Car Rental in Georgia with unlimited mileage from Naniko

Car hire Naniko in Georgia will permit you to easily navigate to the most interesting places of attraction of the country.

Thanks to low cost car rental in Georgia, you can move freely along the coast, and it is simple to select the elect beaches.

So many possibilities with a rental car from Naniko at an affordable price in Georgia!

Naniko also offers car renting with driver in Georgia that will give you a possibility to relax, and allow the experienced driver to control and deal with the problems of local traffic and deliver you to desirable goal. Many people suppose that the services of drivers are only needed if you hire a luxury car, but it's kind of misleading. You can hire any type of vehicle from Naniko and book driver service.

This service can be ordered directly from the airport upon arrival and prior to your departure. This allows you to avoid having to deal with a bit chaotic movement on the roads, which can be difficult for a foreigner.

When you complete liberty of movement with car hiring from Naniko, you can also reach many interesting regions of Georgia. Wine lovers can visit the many wineries of this land and taste their delicious wine. Ski enthusiasts can visit the main ski resorts.

Georgia, a clime in the heart of the Caucasus

The country has a rich history dating back 9000 years ago.

Region experienced development especially in the second millennium BC, with the foundation of the kingdoms of Colchis and Iberia.

Since 1991, the year of the restoration of independence, Georgia has started a rapid process of modernization, but also had to face a number of contradictions and conflicts in the regions of Abkhazia and Ossetia.

With Naniko in Georgia, you will get the chance to visit the wonderful city as the capital of Tbilisi, and then spread to the Black Sea shore, or to the spectacular mountain landscape of the Caucasus.

Kutaisi, the second largest city in Georgia, is another place of great interest of tourists, in particular, the presence of numerous monuments such as the Temple of Bagrati, Palace Geguti and Gelati Monastery.

Batumi, in the heart of Adjara, on the Black Sea, is one of the brightest and most beautiful places in the Caucasus. You will find many beautiful beaches, fantastic nightlife along the coast and a variety of hotels to fit any budget.

Enjoy your exciting journey to Georgia on a car from Naniko and be careful on the roads!

We wish you the perfect journey!

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