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Batumi charming city of Georgia

It is the most important cultural, economic and administrative center of the autonomous region of Ajaria, located on the Black Sea coast. The first historical information about the city dates back to the days of Aristotle and Pliny and confirms that in ancient times was an important port of Batumi.

The name of the city is of Greek origin. As a commercial center in the period of antiquity, today Batumi offers many attractions and points of tourist interest.

The city center is designed very modern, European-style, then immediately in consonance with modernity can see the urban fortress-first century, a botanical garden and attractive city's famous boulevard. In this captivating place grow wonderful palm trees, cypresses, oleanders, lemon orange trees, arborvitae and boxwood that saturate the atmosphere of freshness and odor.

Adding to all this traditional Georgian hospitality, local specialties, local fault and rich traditions of the country, it becomes clear why Batumi has always been a desirable destination for cruise ships for decades.

Now that the tourism sector is once again flourishing, the pearl of the Black Sea shines again!

Batumi port is capable of receiving crafts of all sizes.

Meanwhile, the rental cars Naniko is always ready to provide you with a vehicle in Batumi according of any your search criteria, and requests!

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