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From the best car rental company Naniko - Car Rental in Azerbaijan

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Naniko rent a car provides the following package of services in Baku:

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  • The absence of any hidden fees

  • Guaranteed price, including VAT and insurance

  • Auto Casco covering damage in a collision, theft, robbery, be liable to a third party

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Briefly about Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a country rich of cultural monuments that for centuries describe the local community. At western part of capital Baku is Ganja, which, according to experts, one of the oldest cities in Azerbaijan, served as a halt, an important resting destination on the Silk Road, connected to China.

In the middle Ages and early modern times the city was famous for cultural and scientific achievements that were born the work of the best brains of the time. Was known for the production of silk and textiles, today it is a Caucasian town rich in lovely parks and gardens in the best oriental traditions. Visit the ruins of the ancient city, the mosque of XVII century caravanserai of Shah Abbas.

Just north of Baku, not more than 30 kilometers in the distance is the third of the population and economic importance of the urban center of the country, the city of Sumgait. Founded in the XVI century has long been a center of distribution of goods and oil refining.

At present, you can organize excursions to the inland areas with amazing nature and long walks on the promenade.

In the north, at a distance of approximately 350 kilometers from Baku, is the ancient town of Sheki, where traces of human settlements witnessed more than 2,700 years ago.

In the historic center you can visit the mosque of the XVIII century and the caravanserai, but especially interesting is the palace of the khan, where inland areas you will find fabulous gardens and delightful gazebo. Outside the walls of the palace, there are parks, gardens and other two major mosques that tell the ancient and modern history of the city and the country.

Gobustan, comely town about an hour drive from Baku, an important place to the cultural and historical point of view, because of the presence here beautiful monument - the mausoleum of Sheikh Baba Diri, which annually attracts thousands of believers. Near the city is one of the most important archaeological finds and fantastic planet Gobustan reserve. There are hundreds of caves inhabited since the beginning of time to the nowadays with perfectly preserved wall paintings of everyday life, hunting and primitive cult idols. This is an inexhaustible source of information from the past centuries.

Rental cars from Naniko pledge your pleasant stay in Azerbaijan.

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