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Rent a car in Baku – reliable service from the company Naniko

Company Naniko in Baku offers for your trip cars of fantastic quality and at unbelievably low prices. You can book cars of any modification, starting with economical small car, sedans, minivans, and SUV or luxury car models for different events. Comparing the price offers and services from the leading proposals in Baku, we form our service packages at the lowest and interest rates.

Rent a car in Baku - Despite the low rental rates, a pleasant surprise for our clients is the fact that there are already included all local taxes and the cost of hull insurance.

In the case of a lease of the vehicle to move in Baku, you do not need to go far, just on arrival at the airport you will be expected by auto from company Naniko, prudently reserved in advance online.

You only need to provide:

  • Copy of passport

  • Driving license with at least 3 years of driving experience.

  • Sheet confirmation of your order, with detailed information of your reservation.

  • And there is no reason to worry about how and where to deliver the car at the end of your trip. A company representative will take the car wherever is more comfortable for you in the city or at the airport.

Shortly about Baku

Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, is the new frontier of economic development, including the city of luxury hotels and avant-garde architecture and becomes a point of increasing tourist interest.

The roots of the city go back to antiquity, and is said to be the capital of Azerbaijan was founded by Alexander the Great. But the true success of the city is the presence of oil and gas, which in the late nineteenth century, made ​​Baku one of the main earners of these materials to form the epithet "Black City".

Recent years, as stated above, Baku is undergoing a period of extraordinary economic boom, which involves both the tourism sector. The symbol of this great development, without doubt, the Flaming Tower, three crystal towers that rise near the temple fire Surahani, ancient temple cult of Baku.

List of beautiful places in the capital can be a very long life, and the beauty of the city and due to its location in the center between the East and the West, which has formed a unique fusion of styles, combining traditional Islamic building with Art Nouveau of the early twentieth century.

Better to see with your own eyes!

A car rental from Naniko in Baku will be happy to help you brighten up your trip to the tone of comfort!

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